Thalchemy Corporation  is developing novel, neurally-inspired algorithms and accelerators to enable continuous sensory processing in smartphones and other battery-operated devices. The algorithms mimic the operation of the mammalian thalamus, which serves as the routing, filtering, and preprocessing point for all sensory data on its way to the neocortex. Thalchemy's sensory processing solution will:

  • Enable continuous detection of complex spatiotemporal signatures across multiple sensory modalities including gestures and hot words while consuming less than one milliwatt of power.
  • Extend battery life dramatically for smartphones and other continuous sensing platforms.
  • Provide power-optimized voice and gesture-based control for next-generation devices, such as smart watches and other wearable computing platforms.
  • Create an entirely new market for always-on apps and user interfaces that rely on continuous sensing.
  • Simplify always-on app development with an automated zero-lines-of-code/drag-and-drop approach.

Always-on applications and devices are designed to listen, feel, and sniff for important events such as a spoken hot word, a special or unusual movement, the presence of poisonous molecules, irregularity in the heartbeat or other vital signals. Conventional always-on applications are complex, computationally expensive and a substantial drag on battery life. Furthermore, developing these apps requires substantial and specialized domain knowledge, effort, and skill. These limitations have inhibited wide-spread development and adoption of always-on applications.

Thalchemy’s software development kit (SDK) removes the burden associated with developing always-on apps with a learn-by-example model: a few developer-provided samples of sensory events of interest are fed into our cloud-based, proprietary software system that performs sophisticated signal analysis and synthesizes a customized and optimized algorithm for the sensing task at hand. The optimized algorithm can be deployed today on smartphones that include a sensor-hub, or, for much lower power and better performance, on Thalchemy’s custom hardware accelerator.

In summary, Thalchemy’s technology is poised to enable always-on functionality, extend battery life, and bootstrap new application development with its learn-by-example SDK.

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